Jan 28

Another week another (fill in the name)-gate that drives another nail in the coffin of the man-made global warming hoax.  Another week, another Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up courtesy of The Daily Bayonet:

The IPCC gets a global drubbing for peddling recycled WWF glacier-ganda, Al Gore loves astroturf and there’s more green-on-green action than a superbowl between the Eagles and the Jets.

Oh, and Megan Fox is your weekly hottie, so scroll down and get it out of your system now while the links are still fresh.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Al Gore is beyond parody.  In a post entitled ‘Green Pastors’, Al blogs about ministers that use the environmental agenda to pull in more bums on pews:

“”We actually encourage it as a way to get people into the churches,” said Lee Anne Beres, the executive director of Earth Ministry, a Seattle group founded in 1992 that has guided many area congregations through environmental upgrades over the past decade but has recently emphasized more direct political action for pastors and parishioners. “That is what people are interested in, and I don’t see anything Machiavellian in that.””

Nothing wrong with a bit of inter-faith cooperation, I guess.

Al Gore takes a lesson in branding from a diminutive musician from the Twin cities and ‘The Phenomenon Formerly Known as Global Warming’ is born. Maybe next Al will carve ’slave’ onto his cheek too? (satire, as if you didn’t know)

How green is my astroturf? Good question Al, good question. Meanwhile, most letters to the editor these days are far more skeptical in tone.

That ’settled’ science is looking far more shaky with each revelation from the crooked world of climatology, as this poll shows.  Also, for anyone that thought you needed to be smart to be a member of the ‘elite’ the poll provides proof to the contrary.  More evidence of this later.

Burning books is never a great idea, although some titles are more tempting than others.  Enjoy the video, but forgive them their bad English accents, they tried.  Bless ‘em.

The ignoble Nobel.  GORE LIED wants it revoked, but that’s against the rules.  I know one moonbat who don’t care about rules and revocations:

The prophet likes the idea of electronics being labeled with information that tells you how quickly your new TV is going to kill a polar bear.  Or something.

Harry Reid is to most people a vindictive little bureaucrat that long ago exceeded his Peter Principle potential.  But to Al, Dingy Harry is a beacon of hope, and, dare I say it… change?  Shame that Al’s best Senate buddy looks like he has an expiry date.

There’s a couple of links there to yours truly.  Did ya find ’em? If no, go back and look harder.  If yes, proceed to Parts Two through Five (where you’ll be rewarded at the end with the weekly Global Hottie) at The Daily Bayonet.

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