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What happened to reducing the earth’s temperature a fraction of a degree? And how does “equity” and “justice” figure into chilling it a bit?

The Financial Express reports:

New Delhi: Climate change not only impacts the ecology, it has far-reaching consequences for the society, culture, and politics of the nations. Until now, much of the emphasis has been on understanding atmospheric and scientific changes resulting from climate change. However, a ‘social take’ on it has gained urgency only recently. Against this background, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) brought together young people from various parts of the world for the Second YUVA (Youth Unite for Voluntary Action) Meet 2010 on ‘Understanding climate change through the social glass’. It is a special event of the DSDS (Delhi Sustainable Development Summit) 2010 – a flagship event of TERI being organized since 2001.

Present on the occasion were, Mr. Charlie Walker, Director Programmes, British Council, Dr. RK Pachauri, Director General, TERI, Mr. Ibrahim H.Rehman, Director, Social Transformation, TERI, Dr. PP. Bhojvaid, Vice Chancellor, TERI University and Ms. Ranjana Saikia, Associate Director, TERI.

Giving an overview of YUVA, Ms. Ranjana Saikia, said, “In this second edition of YUVA, we are focused on issues of equity, justice, lifestyle, culture and their linkages with climate change. YUVA meet brought together youth from some of the best institutions in India and abroad to discuss and come up with new solutions to combat climate change. It is not just an event, it is a part of TERI’s larger campaign to create a sustainable society.”

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