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A letter to Canada’s Financial Post:

There has been one formal debate at the University of Western Ontario between myself, Prof. Graham Smith, and Prof. Gordon McBean, both of the geography deptartment. I myself was on the skeptical side and McBean, as an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change participant, argued in favour of anthropogenic global warming (AGW).  As with all such debates, the skeptical side won, but did little to alter the prevailing mindset.

Most of my students have seen Gore’s movie at least three times by the time they get to 2nd year university. Until my course, they are unaware of any counter arguments and have not seen any films other than Gore’s, not the Great Global Warming Swindle nor Not Evil Just Wrong. The record was one poor student who had been shown Gore’s film seven times.

The overwhelming mantra remains AGW and the implications of Climategate and the data scandals revealed by the audit activities of Climate Audit and Watts Up With That are dismissed as irrelevancies. It is not possible to overstate the level with which the dogma of AGW is all pervasive and stifling. In 2008, after I gave a talk to alumni dismissing AGW as an eco-myth, I was publicly castigated in the campus newspaper and McBean reacted with a letter (for which he had signed support) calling for censure of both mine and any future contrary perspectives on campus.

My reaction has been to publish my blog, ecomyths, to continue to talk to all groups who do have open minds and to teach ever increasing numbers of undergraduates who vote with their feet and do search out perspectives and different ideologies. My teaching ratings remain the highest in my department and I have received multiple awards for teaching excellence.

The problem is not with inquiring, young minds but with atrophied, closed-minded incumbents of ivory towers (who would never, ever read the Post!).

Graham Smith, professor of geography, University of Western Ontario.

What’s amazing is that even with this absurd level of indoctrination, polls consistently show waning belief in man-made global warming.

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