Feb 12

Snowmaggedon notwithstanding, file this volume of the monthly index under “Even a Blind Squirrel (Al Gore) Can Find a Nut Once in a While”.

Each month, upon the release of Dr. Roy Spencer’s UAH Globally Averaged Satellite-Based Temperatures of the Lower Atmosphere, the GORE LIED graphics department takes out a purple crayon, and marks up the good doctor’s graph to show the temperature change Al Gore since Al Gore released his fantasy/sci-fi movie, An Inconvenient Truth:

For the record, through December, 2009, globally averaged temperatures have risen .641°F (.368°C) since An Inconvenient Truth was released at the Sundance Film Festival on January 24, 2006. Despite the rise, this month marks the 40th out of the 48 months since An Inconvenient Truth was released that globally averaged temperatures have been less than they were when AIT was released – truly an inconvenient truth.

So, what’s to explain the spike in temperatures? Not the much hyped “warming in the pipeline“, but the strongest El Niño in a decade.

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