Feb 16

As Glaciergate was breaking, I believe I was the first to call for the Nobel Committee to revoke Al Gore’s and the UN IPCC’s share Nobel Peace Prize, despite the fact that Nobel rules prohibit revocation of the Nobel Peace Prize. I said, “Screw it, set a new precedent!

Fast forward a few weeks (and a few more IPCC fill-in-the-blank-“gates”) and momentum seems to be building a bit more for revocation of Gore’s and the IPCC’s award:

1. This video surfaced on YouTube:

2. An on-line petition has started demanding to “Strip Al Gore and The UN IPCC of Their Nobel Prize and Award It Instead to The Much More Deserving Irena Sendler:

Al Gore and The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC) shared a Nobel Peace Prize
in 2007. Since receiving the award, a UK court has ruled that An Inconvenient Truth, the work for which Al Gore received his half of the prize, contained nine factual errors.

Recently, it was discovered that the UN IPCC 2007 Report, the work for which the IPCC received its half of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, contained false information regarding the risk of glacier melt, species extinction, sea-level rise
and natural disaster in an effort to frighten the public and goad politicians into taking action. By signing this petition, you are sending a clear message that you wish for Al Gore and the UN IPCC to be stripped of their 2007 award.

In signing, you are also asking that the 2007 prize to Irena Sendler who risked her life daily during WWII to ultimately rescue more than 2,500 Jewish children from the Nazis.  Irena Sendler was among those up for the Prize in 2007 that the much less deserving Gore and IPCC won for political reasons.

3. The Donald has spoken:

Tycoon Donald Trump, citing the East Coast’s massive snowstorms, says former Vice President Al Gore should be stripped of his Nobel Peace Prize, according to the New York Post.

The paper reports that the billionaire told about 500 members of his Trump National Golf Club in Westchester, N.Y.:

With the coldest winter ever recorded, with snow setting record levels up and down the coast, the Nobel committee should take the Nobel Prize back from Al Gore.

Gore wants us to clean up our factories and plants in order to protect us from global warming, when China and other countries couldn’t care less. It would make us totally noncompetitive in the manufacturing world, and China, Japan and India are laughing at America’s stupidity.

When will the Nobel Committee take action and revoke this award which was buillt on an elaborate lie? Not until hell freezes over.

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