Feb 17

The wrongly maligned CO2 molecule appears to be headed toward getting it’s well-deserved good reputation back.  Earlier this month Utah made headlines when a legislative panel approved a resolution urging the EPA halt it’s regulation of greenhouse gases (GHGs).  Yesterday Texas followed suit – lawsuit that is.  And just today it’s reported that Virginia is joining in on this apparent Domino Effect:

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli turned up the heat on global warming yesterday.On behalf of the state, Cuccinelli filed a petition asking the federal Environmental Protection Agency to reconsider its December finding that global warming poses a threat to people.

Cuccinelli also filed a petition with the federal appeals court in Washington seeking a court review of the EPA finding.

Gov. Bob McDonnell supported the moves.

“The attorney general is acting in the best interests of the citizens of Virginia,” McDonnell said in a statement.

“The current federal position could have a negative impact on job creation and economic development in the commonwealth and should be reconsidered.”

Who’ll be next? How about Massachusetts?

Hat tip: Climate Depot

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