Mar 18

It’s Thursday, and therefore it’s time for  Must See TV and The Cosby Show Must Click Internet and the Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up:

London has a new building that can shred birds, appropriately called ‘The Razor’, the green mask slips to reveal some very inconvenient truths and we learn  about the missing link between cargo cults and global warming science.

All this, and a popular but mystery hottie besides in this week’s round-up.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Global warming profiteer prophet Al Gore wagged a stern finger at the GOP for something he called a ‘litmus test’ on the topic of global warming.  Gore said:

The idea that a rejection of science is a litmus test for Republican candidates is both incredibly disappointing and scary. No political party should require its members to reject fact as a prerequisite for electoral office.

The problem of course, is that the ’science’ of global warming is of the junk variety, and should be resoundingly rejected.  Someone wake up Mitt, please.

El Nino hearts Al Gore.  The AIT rose again, which means that we are all doomed, or something.

Al turned to academia for a little self-validation and to be told that skeptics are serial deniers about anything dear to the hearts of hippies, ‘acid rain, the ozone hole, secondhand cigarette smoke, global warming and the pesticide DDT.’  Gore seems hell-bent on explaining skepticism as a sign of mental weakness, when really he is the one leading a flock of the gullible while the rest of us happily use the gray matter.  As for his academic friend, well, she has a history with Al:

Oreskes’s most recent work deals with the science of climate change. Her 2004 essay “The Scientific Consensus on Climate Change” (Science 306: 1686), led to Op-Ed pieces in the Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Los Angeles Times, and has been widely cited in the mass media, including National Public Radio (Fresh Air), The New Yorker, USA Today, Parade, as well as in the Royal Society’s publication, “A guide to facts and fictions about climate change,” and, most recently, in Al Gore’s movie, “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Cozy, no?

If you were wondering why Al goes to all the trouble to blog and prop up the global warming hoax, just remember, it’s always about the money with Al.

Two weeks ago Al wrote in the New York Times and chided skeptics that recent snowstorms were not proof that global warming was fake.  This week, heavy rain in the North-Eastern US is proof of global warming.  Weather is not climate, unless you’re Al Gore, or Mr. Inconsistent if you prefer.

Big Journalism profiles Al Gore, and they’re not very reverent about the global warming reverend.

radical, dude

Washington is focused on the great health care debate, yet Al still wants the government to ‘Repower America’, or if you want the honest interpretation the ‘dePower America and make Al rich’ campaign.

Canada’s Gore-poodle David ‘Jail ‘Em’ Suzuki is frustrated that the federal budget didn’t mention green energy.  Then, without warning, a time-warp swallowed Suzuki and transported him to a time before Climategate from which he sent this nonsense:

Aside from climate change – one of the greatest crises ever faced by humanity – our reliance on fossil fuels like oil and gas and uranium is still suicidal. The pollution alone from burning fossil fuels is degrading the health of humans and all life on this planet. The consumer mentality that it encourages is also fuelling rapid depletion of other resources, as well as the destruction of agricultural lands and habitats for plants and animals that are essential to our survival. The fact that we’re not even extracting the resources we have in a sustainable way that benefits all Canadians will only compound the long-term problems for our country and the rest of the world.

In other words, ‘back to the stone age’, folks.

The complete Round-Up (all 5 parts) can be found at The Daily Bayonet, and there’s a hottie waiting for ya.

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