Apr 07

Regarding this CNET report, Tom Nelson says, “It’s come to this” for Al Gore and the man-made global warming movement:

In her role as an environmental campaigner, Savage has been named a U.N. Climate Hero. She is also a trained presenter for Al Gore’s Climate Project, and is an Athlete Ambassador for 350.org, whose mission is to inspire and unite people to find solutions to climate change. Bill McKibben, who co-founded 350.org, says Savage’s perseverance is part of what makes her such a good spokesperson.

“Environmentalists have spent a long time thinking about bar graphs and pie charts. Important stuff, but there are other parts of our heads and hearts that need reaching, and that’s what Roz is good at,” McKibben said in an e-mail.

Although she’s been at it for a while now, Savage says she still feels like she’s learning how to talk about environmental issues to reach the “unconverted,” particularly, when it comes to climate change. “I actually now try not to talk about climate change because especially in this country it’s so polarizing,” she said. “I prefer to talk about sustainability because it is just kind of common sense on a finite planet. And the other thing is that sustainability is a positive thing to move toward.”

Yes, the post-release of An Inconvenient Truth afterglow has certainly worn off as the Climate Project presenters are no longer being greeted adoringly as saviors of the planet, but are rather greeted by prickly questions about the validity of the science of man-made global warming.

And one more thing Roz:  Sustainability on a finite planet may represent common sense for a lot of folks, but it’s not reality.  Better get another crisis.

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