Apr 12

O’Reilly Factor producer Jesse Watters had the good fortune to track down Al Gore recently.  But Gore, outside of his protective cocoon ever so briefly, looked dazed and confused by this member of the media who had the audacity to ask him some inconvenient questions.

15-seconds blog:

…Gore would have looked a lot better if he had paused for a few seconds, smiled, shook the producer’s hand and – if he didn’t want to chew the fat with O’Reilly’s producer(a pretty safe bet) he could have simply said he was not prepared to give an interview at the time and THEN walked away. By constantly walking away, Gore gave the impression that he had something to hide.

At one point, Gore said over his shoulder that he would consider appearing on “The O’Reilly Factor” some day. Yeah. We figure that will be right after hell freezes over — which, thanks to global warming, is even farther off in the future than it used to be.

I believe this video is from Al Gore’s April 8, 2010 lecture sermon at Duke University, as it was rumored that The O’Reilly Factor crew would be in attendance, as I reported last week.

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