Apr 16

It’s the weekly Round-Up:

Our clever planet tries to offset a volcano by grounding aircraft, a hippie lawyer wants ‘deniers’ tried for ecocide and those skeptics outside of the USA will be very surprised to learn that they are all Republicans.

So, what better week to have a right of center hottie?

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Al Gore took a tough line against coal this week, especially mountaintop mining.  He praises efforts to put thousands of people out of work and make energy more expensive for Americans.  Of course, that means that the EPA will have to declare another non-pollutant a pollutant:

“The legislation, which is co-sponsored by Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.), would redefine mining waste as a pollutant, thus barring companies from dumping debris into valleys below their mountaintop projects. The idea is that if it becomes too expensive to truck the debris off-site, then companies will stop blowing up mountains altogether.??”

Coal was only the first fuel that Al wasn’t happy about, he also had his first disagreement with President Obama over the cynical new drilling initiative (that pretty much doesn’t allow for much actual, um, drilling)

Here’s a look at Al avoiding awkward questions in a ‘why can’t I just eat my waffle‘ moment:

Kleiner Perkins, an investment firm that boasts Al gore as a partner, lost a lot of money betting on… a new way to locate oil.  Wait, what?

Now we know why Kleiner Perkins tried to hide their involvement:

Kleiner Perkins, a firm that loudly promotes its most promising investments, for years didn’t list Terralliance on its website and declined multiple requests to comment for this article. Despite interviews with many of the key people involved, it’s also not clear what exactly Terralliance’s technology purported to do, or how well its investors understood it.  What is certain is that Terralliance’s gambit to become a force in oil exploration ended badly.

Al hearts Paul Krugman, because Krugman thinks that pricing carbon is a good thing, and that will make Al a very rich man indeed.

That’s part one of this week’s Round-Up – for Parts Two through Five, including the weekly Global Hottie, you’ll have to magically transport yourself to The Daily Bayonet.

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