Apr 20

Michael Mann:


Chronic doom peddler Paul Ehrlich pretty much told his fellow alarmists to “man up” when he said:

“Scientists must now emphasize the science, while acknowledging that they are in a street fight.”

But, when Ehrlich said that I really thought he meant attacking skeptical scientists on the science, not threatening a lawsuit over a joke video.

Man up, Mike!

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2 Responses to “Can’t take a joke: Michael Mann, key Climategate figure and inventor of the Hockey Stick, threatens lawsuit over satirical YouTube video ‘Hide the Decline’”

  1. Michael O'Connor says:

    I just love this, it will send shock waves through the climate scientist in the US who have cooked the books. Then we will get honest papers on the AGW and the truth be revealed AGW has been one big con job. Then people can go back to their lives without the fear of being blamed for killing the planet. The green movement will be seriouly damaged and all the green will be on their knee’s when their great once god of AGW is buried for good.

    Mann career in ruins best thing since sliced bread,



  2. Brad Blosser says:

    I find this humorous because in the Skeptic Scientists website (the skeptics on the skeptics that is)

    There were numerous ad hominem attacks flung far and wide and one of them was that skeptics don’t have a sense of humor. I think the song Hide the decline is absolutely humorous and If Mann wants to sue over it it just proves who really doesn’t have a since of humor. I would personally like to sue him for wasting oxygen in my world and for wasting millions in tax payers dollars. I would also sue him for being a major loser if I could.


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