Jun 15

Thank you, my dear.  That is truly a compliment!


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7 Responses to “Lucia: GORE LIED might be the ‘most uber-skeptical blog out there’”

  1. lucia says:

    I thought you might like it! 🙂


    • Klockarman says:

      And I did. I suppose an uber-skeptical haiku is out of the question?


  2. phinniethewoo says:

    great blog: Kick Al Gore’s a..!

    I tried to post a comment at Lucia’s regarding to her VS-BV waffling , but strangely she must have “difficulties” again with the blog administration.
    I’ll pot it here then.

    Bart Verheggen:
    At the “epic thread” that turned into a statistics discussion by VS’ excursions I made numerous attempts to engage him, and in no way did I “categorically refuse to discuss this”. I was trying to point out flaws in his conclusions pertaining to the physics, and suggested ways on how his statistics skills could be put to good use in the climate arena. Along the way I thought that it could perhaps turn out to become a fruitful collaboration, but he seemed more interested in “disproving AGW” than in contributing to more understanding of the issues.

    VS wanted to put the formalism of econometry and TSA to good use for the Giss dataset.

    He made a deep argument on why it is better to look at the differenced data instead of the normalised absolute anomalies.

    VS made a modelling attempt for Gisstemp that is neutral/agnost of underlying physical laws.

    This is not so abnormal in science, there are many instances historically whereby scientists model and throw up equations that at first sight describe the fissix at hand, then discard them because too difficult and then express another “model” for the problem at hand via ODE/PDE.

    Let’s remember that modelling and predicting “climate” based on fissix laws is quite difficult. GCMs do not do that either basing everything on fissix: The GCMs might call some of their hundreds of parameters by physical names but they are just that, parameters put in a computer system.

    This was a first , important step from where he intended then to further model and correlate GHG/CO2 to Gisstemp.

    He wanted everybody in the discusion to be on board to agree to set that first step. (= acknowledging the unit root manifestation and the implied heuristic of differencing)

    Only some warmists, who happened to be with the hand at the switch in the room, did not understand any of it, and kept waffling about why not throw in the fissix, but where is the fissix, there is a ghost in the machine, let’s not forget about the fissix etc.

    Quite funny to see Lucia write “VS oh that was the stuff about unit roots”..

    A worthy advice to junior scientists would be: Do not waffle too much about things you have absolutely no clue about , as they could one day land smack in your face. EVEN if you are , you know, politically-correctness-wise “untouchable”.

    Stick to knitting.

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    • Klockarman says:

      Thanks for the blog feedback.

      I’m not sure what the point is of my posting your comment that is completely off the narrow topic of this post, but since you don’t have any profanity in your comment I’ll be willing to give you the floor. But, that “stick to knitting” crack was totally uncalled for – and I nearly snipped it. If you’d also made fun of haikus, I would’ve deleted your comment in it’s entirety.

      Even though Lucia isn’t an “uber-skeptic” like me, she treats people with respect, and you owe her the same courtesy.


  3. […] back!  After a hacked blog and some downtime, uber-skeptic Gore Lied returns to the skeptic arena and wonders where his money from the cast right wing […]


  4. phinniethewoo says:

    Well, no.

    Her stance being “middle of the road” , where there is no middle and no road needs to be attacked.

    Endles waffling and kowtowing to “respectable scientists” where there are none to be seen needs to be attacked.

    Why so?
    Because the heist called AGW mitigation is an assault on the lives and aspirations not of the sort that reads Lucias , or alGorelieds ‘ s blog for that matter, but of hundreds of millions of others depending on a growing economy and a stable West. shall we descend in AGW mitigation fascism, with some “friendly, respectable” sceptical discourse on the fringes or shall we defend our values and way of life.

    Al knows what to chose. As a Nobel piss prize laurate he has the cheek to promote civil disobeiance. for the sake of his shop only of course. He wouldn’t want AGW sceptics to do the same.

    Lucia’s knitting, btw , is just another such ploy she keeps using to frame herself as the benign friendly female, and win credibility and stature in Political correct academic circles by lack of substantial input in the debate. It is pathetic mongering.


    • Klockarman says:


      I’d rather conserve my energy to fight real climate alarmist demons like Al Gore, or Joe Romm, or Steven Schneider, or James Hansen. To me Lucia is harmless, and even a bit endearing with the knitting and haikus and such. I hardly think knitting is a “ploy” to hide some kind of evil dark side. I think that’s just nonsense. I have more respect for the Lucias and the Roger Pielke Juniors as I believe that they genuinely believe what they way, and not just opportunist doom mongers whose “solutions” conveniently fit neatly into Progressive political goals. If anyone “needs to be attacked” as you say, it’s Gore, Hansen, Romm, et al. But, do what you like.

      (A side note: Sorry it took me so long to approve your comment. I used to have an unmoderated blog, but in the last few months I’ve just been inundated with spam comments, and even though the spam filter catches 98 or so % of them, there are enough that pass through the filter that it just clutters up the entire site. I try to approve comments quickly, but due to my day job, and many family commitments sometimes that is not possible.O)


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