Jun 22

The blame man first crowd is at it again:

Chimpanzees are willing to attack and kill chimps from neighboring groups in an effort to expand their territory, according to scientists who have studied a primate colony in Uganda for 10 years.

Primatologists have long known that chimpanzees band together in single-file lines to silently patrol the border between two communities. If they come across an unfamiliar male, they will attack him with their teeth, take turns jumping on his body and pull off his testicles. If they encounter an unfamiliar female with a baby, they will rip it out of her hands and kill it, sometimes cannibalizing the infant.

“It’s dramatic,” said Sylvia Amsler, a biological anthropologist at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock who worked on the study.

Some researchers proposed that the attacks were designed to attract females to a colony. Others theorized that contact with scientists had caused once-peaceful chimpanzee communities to become warlike.

From the guilt-ridden environmentalist perspective all of nature lived in a perfect and peaceful harmony prior to the corrupting influence of man (more specifically, white males).  Can’t explain a perceived change in the climate?  Blame man.  Can’t explain warring chimps pulling off each others testicles?  Blame man.

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One Response to “Anthropogenic warring chimps”

  1. artesian says:

    It is common knowledge that reason separates man from the beasts. That’s not true,because a chimp can crack a nut with a rock. Objectivity separates the man from the beasts. That distinction increases the population of beasts on the planet by 6B and decreases the population of man to nearly zero.


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