Jun 22

I just watched this video of Sen. John Kerry on MSNBC discussing his efforts at getting a cap and trade bill passed.  True to the recent trend Lurch avoids discussion of “cap and trade” and instead focuses on the phrase “putting a price on carbon” or variations thereof:


Our bill does not rely on so-called cap and trade, it’s got a very minimal, uh, mechanism in there, but it really relies on the pricing of carbon which comes by setting a target for the reduction of emissions.  That’s how you price carbon.

The term “pricing carbon” is nothing more than taxing carbon, but that’s obviously a tougher sell in this Tea Party era. Last year when “cap and trade” was the favored term by the Democrats, it was nearly universally referred to by smart aleck opponents as “cap and tax”. So why have these same folks fallen victim to the Dems linguistic trickery, and not recognized that the term “pricing carbon” is nothing more than a dishonest way to say “taxing carbon”.

Let’s start calling it what it is. It’s taxing carbon.

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