Jul 16

Another week, another round-up from The Daily Bayonet!

Hippie Dave gets mad at skeptics again, the IPCC gags scientists for their own good and Ontarians are rising up against a new eco-fee stealth tax.These and 100+ more stories hippies don’t want you to read, plus an Ontario hottie, just because.
Some housekeeping notes, the round-up no longer features links to the UK’s The Times or Sunday Times since they have hidden everything behind a paywall. Where possible, relevant stories are linked via alternative sources. For links to global warming hoax stories throughout the week, follow The Daily Bayonet on Twitter, because a whole week is just too long to wait for good snark.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

The halo is slipping as more news of bad behavior by the self-appointed Goreacle comes to light:

A journalistic colleague I had no reason to doubt told anyone who would listen that Vice President Al Gore had tried to stick his tongue down her throat out of nowhere at a New Year’s Eve party in the mid-’90s, when all she’d been expecting was a friendly peck.

That story is just one, as Gore’s reputation (and credibility) slide into the negatives stories like that will give Al all the global warming he can take.The stress of a pending legal problem seems to have affected Al, surely that can be the only explanation for him mistaking weather for climate? Unless he’s just a shallow hack trying to keep the hoax money rolling in, of course.

The good folks at Ihatethemedia posted an ad to welcome Al to California:

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The Gore puppets at Alliance for Climate Protection were outraged that the Wall Street Journal dared to point out that the climategate inquiries were whitewashes, and urged the public to suppress the press. What’s wrong with their global warming hoax when just one newspaper article is so threatening?

If you look up the definition of chutzpah, there’s a picture of Al Gore. ‘The politicization of science’ is bad, he says. Gore must mean when anyone other than himself is doing it.

In Canada, the authoritarian hippie geneticist Suzuki managed to invoke religious imagery with a ‘sacred duty‘call to green arms before he forgot himself and wrote another one filled with invective against ‘deluded deniers’ again:

We use the term deniers deliberately. People who deny overwhelming scientific evidence without providing any compelling evidence of their own and who remain steadfast in their beliefs even as every argument they propose gets shot down do not demonstrate the intellectual rigour to be called skeptics.

Considering that his spittle-flecked attack is based on the three roundly-condemned whitewashes of climategate and an erroneous retraction from a UK paper, it’s difficult to imagine hippie Dave was able to spell ‘intellectual rigour’ without help.

Think you’re done?  Not by a longshot.  Head on over to The Daily Bayonet for Parts 2 through 5, including the weekly Global Hottie.

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