Jan 24

That’s the logical conclusion, right?

I mean, if a stray bird from warmer parts of the northern hemisphere is found much farther north in traditionally cooler climes, and it is blamed on global warming

A bird of prey spotted flying over Larne Lough has been confirmed as the first sighting of the rare Montagu’s harrier in Northern Ireland.

And the birdwatcher who caught sight of the harrier believes climate change may have played a part in bringing it to more northerly climes.

The birds may be starting to appear further north because of climate change, he said.

“As the temperature goes up, they are getting pushed further and further north. There are things happening – it’s definitely global warming that is pushing them further north,” he said.


…then the inverse must be true too, right?

An example:

SEATTLE (AP) — A ribbon seal commonly found in the frigid waters off the coasts of Alaska and Russia has been spotted twice in the Seattle area.

It’s quite unusual to observe the animals this far south, said Peter Boveng, leader of the polar ecosystem program with the National Marine Mammal Laboratory, part of the Alaska Fisheries Science Center in Seattle. “There are not many people who see these regularly.”

The ribbon seal, likely a young adult male, appears to be in good shape, though not as fat as expected, said Boveng.

The seal first showed up one morning earlier this month on the dock of a Seattle woman, who lives about a mile up the Duwamish River south of downtown.

Then last Friday, it was spotted on a snow-covered dock in Marysville, about 35 miles north of Seattle. A snow and ice storm had hit the state, leaving snow piled high in many parts of the region.

Ribbon seals inhabit the northern North Pacific Ocean and sub-Arctic and Arctic seas. They are found in the Bering and Chukchi seas off Alaska and the Sea of Okhotsk off Russia. They have distinctive white bands or ribbons that encircle the head, base of the trunk and two front flippers over a dark coat.

Since it is commonplace among the media to blame  any finding of species farther north than they normally would be (or south in the Southern Hemisphere) on global warming, is there any speculation by the media that this ribbon seal swam 1500 miles south to escape global cooling?  None.

To be sure, I’m not suggesting that this ribbon seal swam to Seattle to escape global cooling.  In fact, I have no idea why that ribbon seal showed up in Seattle, or why a Montagu’s harrier would show up in Northern Ireland, but I suspect it has less to do with global warming/cooling, and more to do with their freedom, i.e. animals with no citizenship, no borders, and even more importantly no sense of their own range habitat as pronounced by some wildlife biologist in a text book.  They can go where ever their bodies are capable of carrying them to – scientists’  habitat range maps be damned.

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One Response to “Arctic native ribbon seal swims to Seattle to escape global cooling”

  1. Kathy StJohn says:

    Al Gore is a public speaker and reads from que cards. He is not a scientist. Global warming should be called global climate change. The imbalance caused by rising temperatures shift weather patterns causing warmer temps in Alaska and colder winters in Europe. The earth’s systems are complex and nothing good can come from dumping tonnes of sequestered carbon into the atmosphere either. Does it matter if the effect is cooling or warming? The fact is we are in for serious challenges for the human race. Climate changes are natural and cyclical, but us adding to it is not helping matters. Fiddling while Rome burns is a sign of a dull mind. I am a conservative and take personal responsibility which is what all conservatives tout isn’t it? I recycle everything, I run my older Jetta on Biodiesel, conserve energy and I do not buy things from unsustainable China! Even Bush’s paid scientist Dr. Mueller just came out and said he was wrong about climate change and we are in for serious trouble. Neither Bush or Gore has 2 brain cells between each themselves and I voted for neither. I’ll vote for Ron Paul (write in vote again) and do my part to stop climate change my own way without the government telling me what to do. I don’t need Gore to tell me we are in serious trouble, nor do I need to hear from Bush who can barely read to 5th graders that we are not.


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