Mar 02

The Al Gore /AIT Index returns!

The index is calculated from Dr. Roy Spencer’s UAH Globally Averaged Satellite-Based Tropospheric Temperatures that are released each month.  The GORE LIED graphics department simply whips out a magenta crayon, and marks up Dr. Spencer’s graph to show the temperature change since Al Gore released his fantasy/sci-fi movie, An Inconvenient Truth.

Through February, 2012 globally averaged temperatures have plunged .56°°F (.31°C) since An Inconvenient Truth was released at the Sundance Film Festival on January 24, 2006 – truly an inconvenient truth.

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9 Responses to “Al Gore / AIT Index, Vol. 23: Global temperatures have plunged .56°F since An Inconvenient Truth was released”

  1. John Kannarr says:

    Looks like Gore’s movie succeeded admirably. It has lowered the temps already!


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  3. J.Doug Swallow says:

    The surprise is not that Gore lied. The real surprise would be to find something that he has told the truth about. He didn’t seem too worried about his agw and sea level raise when he bought his beach property in AC. recently.


  4. Anonymous says:

    […] […]


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  6. gyma says:

    Are you a moron? If not perhaps you can answer the following questions:

    1. What is a T departure? You need to know the answer because that is what this graph is measuring.

    2. Which of the 25 measures did you “pick” from the data file Spencer linked to?

    3. How did you calculate the .56°F “plunge” in temperature?

    We can have an intelligent discussion once you’ve answered these questions. In the meantime your premise is questionable, mostly because you picked a point in time that measured the temps for one particular MONTH.

    That’s absurd.


    • Editor says:

      To answer your questions:

      1. “T departure” is temperature departure (from normal).
      2. I use the “Global” rather than the other more localized options, e.g. SH (Southern Hemisphere) or NoPol (North Pole). Global seems the obvious choice.
      3. In January, 2006 (when AIT was released) the UAH global temperature anomaly stood at .19°C. In February, 2012 the same anomaly stood at -.12°C. This is a .31°C difference, which converts to a .56°F difference (or .558°F if you care about thousands of a degree).

      Don’t bother getting technical with your critique of my line and it’s relationship (or non-relationship) with the 30 year anomaly, I’m fully aware of all that.

      I’m just drawing a line starting from the temperatures at the time the movie was released and ending that line at the the globally averaged temperature now, and I’m showing that to people, and that resonates with people. Also, my talking about “whipping out a magenta crayon” is a pretty good clue that this is not some exercise in serious science, but more of a tongue-in-cheek jab at Al Gore – which it is.

      Thanks for reading the blog.


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