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This video is from December 21, 2009 at COP15 – just about a month after Climategate 1.0 hit – so it’s not exactly fresh, but I just discovered it on YouTube, and DeSmogblogger Chris Mooney makes a very frank admission about the skeptic blogosphere that I believe went unnoticed back in ’09, but is relevant even 2+ years later:


“…You have the rise of the blogosphere, where global warming denial is actually running rampant, and I think it’s totally got us whupped, in terms of pro-climate bloggers versus anti-climate bloggers….”

One explanation of why the alarmists were, and are continuing to get “whupped”, was noted by Ross McKitrick recently, and was featured on WUWT as last week’s quote of the week.  McKitrick:

“The problem the alarmists had, was that there was never anything substantial to hit back at. They had the equivalents of the big guns and the massive air support but there never was a skeptic HQ to be pounded, no big central organization, no massed ranks of skeptic soldiers or even any third-party backing the resistance.

Every one of the skeptics was a lone volunteer guerrilla fighter, who needed absolutely no logistical support of any kind to continue the fight indefinitely. The alarmists never understood this, preferring to think that there simply had to be some massive hidden organization orchestrating the resistance. While they wasted time and effort attacking targets that only existed in their head, each of the guerrillas chewed on them mercilessly in their own particular way.”

The entire Mooney video is here.

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6 Responses to “Video: DeSmogBlogger Chris Mooney admits, “You have the rise of the blogosphere, where global warming denial is actually running rampant, and I think it’s totally got us whupped””

  1. anon says:

    With respect, there’s nothing really new here. I used to read the guy over at Discovery or wherever he’s from and “The denialists are winning” is just his usual schtick to explain to scientists why a “science communicator” like Mooney is so important, it’s also used (ala Gleick) to explain ends justifies the means any issue.


    • Editor says:

      Yes, I know “anon”, but what caught my attention was the word “whupped”. It’s more than an acknowledgment of the skeptic’s strength, it’s an acknowledgment of defeat – and I thought that more worthy of noting than them just repeating their “schtick”.


  2. Lemon says:

    Re Steve McK comment.
    I was thinking much the same — the opposition to the theory of AGW is mostly a bunch of guerrillas. The Mann / Hansen Gang is the evil empire with all the big weapons.


    • Editor says:

      I agree Lemon. Although you hear the alarmists say that the skeptics are all funded by Big Oil, that’s far from the truth. I’m just a concerned citizen who sees through their lies and mistruths, and I don’t get funding from anyone for this blog, nor do I reap any advertising revenue. In fact, as long as I keep paying the approximately $75/year for the domain and the hosting, I can keep being “a lone volunteer guerrilla fighter, who needs absolutely no logistical support of any kind to continue the fight indefinitely”, as McKitrick said.

      And just as McKitrick pointed out, I’m not alone. You were once a fellow “guerilla fighter” Lemon, and I’ve found out from networking via e-mail with fellow skeptics in the past that The Daily Bayonet, Climate Change Dispatch, Australian Climate Madness, C3 Headline, Tom Nelson, and many others are unfunded “guerilla fighters” just like me.

      And as long as we keep hanging around, we’ll keep calling their bluff, and “whupping” them some more.


  3. It doesn’t have to be new to be true. They thought they had the upper hand with the logical equivalent of a battleship but did not count on how deadly tens of thousands of paper cuts could be. They didn’t and don’t have a chance against the truth.


  4. pinroot says:

    Just to clarify, McKitrick was actually quoting from this excellent essay, which is well worth reading in its entirety:


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