Apr 10

The April 10, 2012 dead-tree edition of The Oregonian lead with a big dose of global warming realism.

This is what I was greeted with when I trotted out to fetch my dead-tree edition of The Oregonian this morning:  “Global warming without warming” – above the fold!  I’d seen the on-line version of this story last night with its own headline – “Global warming ‘hiatus’ in recent years helps spur skepticism” – but to see it lead the dead-tree edition was even more satisfying.

To his credit, reporter Scott Learn points out some facts that Joe Romm would characterize as “long-debunked denier talking points”.  And yet, The Oregonian is nobody’s idea of a global warming denier :

For people who want more action on global warming, an inconvenient truth has arisen over the last decade: Annual average temperatures stayed relatively flat globally — and dropped in the United States and Oregon — despite mankind’s growing release of greenhouse gases.

The hiatus in temperature increases may be contributing to higher public skepticism about warming, particularly in the United States.

Computer climate models didn’t predict the hiatus, notes Portland meteorologist Chuck Wiese….

Climatologists, and climate models, are overestimating the impact of greenhouse gases on warming relative to natural climate cycles, they say, and aren’t being held accountable when warming projections don’t pan out.

“They just keep moving the goalposts to where you can never get a satisfactory answer,” Wiese says.

Kudos to The Oregonian for having the guts to report the truth, rather than just regurgitating the blathering coming from “the consensus”.

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5 Responses to ““Global warming without warming”: Global warming realism leads mainstream newspaper above the fold”

  1. klem says:

    Wow I would never have expected this on the front page. This does not bode well for the greenie movement if skeptics are openly allowed to write climate blaspheme in newspapers in Oregon. Wow!


  2. TMI says:

    “Global warming without warming.”

    I guess anything is possible.


  3. Robbins Mitchell says:

    anAL GOREtentive


  4. Robert Hanson says:

    Global warming is still happening. It’s just on a 150 year hiatus. Then it will start up again with a vengence. This was predicted by the Mayans. And Nostradomus. And Houdini.

    Trust me on this, I know stuff….

    We need to return the US to the technological level of, oh, say, 1600 AD right away, if we are to stop GW from returning in 2162. Oh, and to do that, 95% of the earth’s population has to die. Can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, you know…


  5. Lex says:

    This is the newspaper that has less and less credibility every day! Talk about a flat earth theory….they could have a headline that reads: Earth flatter than ever without flattening.” Its not a lie actually but it is a rather crude attempt to save face when their faith in a stupid theory turns out to be false. Hey its the same newspaper that protects children who accuse adults of sex abuse by never using their names AND THEN WHEN THE EX MAYOR OF pORTLAND IS FOUND HAVING REGULAR SEX WITH A 14 YEAR OLD THEY CALL IT “AN AFFAIR”. what is their truth meter all about anyway? sometimes you wonder if anything in the paper makes any sense at all or you just read it instead of mad magazine because although it isi tragic for society to have to read this kind of slop it is hillarilous.


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