Feb 17

This schtick from Al Gore is getting really old. He’s told this joke countless times, and yet his followers still laugh every time he tells it. Via Google, here’s a quick run-down:

One of the recurring topics of this blog is that Al Gore goes through his life in a protective cocoon of people who agree with him so that Gore never has to be confronted directly with tough questions or criticism. He is whisked to and from his speaking gigs through the back doors into waiting limousines or SUV’s with the engine running, and it’s all done quickly to protect Gore and his agenda from anyone who might reveal the truth behind Gore’s scam. While at his appearances Gore sticks to his rehearsed script, will not take questions from journalists or the public, and surrounds himself with people who repeat the matra, the science is settled, the debate is over, the science is settled, the debate is over – over and over again.

So, this story that Gore keeps telling of the woman who says he looks “just like Al Gore” is perhaps the last time that Gore was actually out in public with strangers in an unscripted moment. If Gore would just climb out of his cocoon, and have a few more unscripted moments with strangers and face a few of the tough questions, not only would probably get some new material for his comedy routine, but he just might get a little more respect from those that he’s failed to persuade.

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One Response to “Tired joke Al Gore tells: A woman walks up to Gore and says, "If you dyed your hair black, you’d look just like Al Gore"”

  1. Lemon says:

    Seeing his performance as a climate dilletante, I wonder what he would have been like as a POTUS?
    He refused to allow media in his Toronto event. It seriously reminds me of est or other cultish activity.
    Except perfectly normal people are drinking the koolaid.

    My word verification graphic was:
    I guess I should add the city where its hot at…


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