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This is an umoderated blog, i.e. free speech prevails.   Try your best to keep comments on topic, and try to make your point in a civil and respectful manner.  Comments containing profanity may be edited, or the comment may be deleted entirely (very rarely done).

This blog employs a comment spam blocker, but despite its best efforts many spam messages still get through the system.  One characteristic of many spam messages is placement of more than one hyperlinks in the body of the comment.  My spam comment blocker is set to put any comment that has more than one hyperlink into a moderation queue.  As I understand that many readers will place such links in their comments to offer supporting data to reinforce their point, such commenters should be aware these comments will not appear on the site until I can approve them.   The delay may be only minutes to several hours in length.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


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