Feb 27

An Inconvenient Video from COP-15 (2009) featuring DeSmog Blog’s Brendan Demelle.  This video was deemed soooo compelling by viewers that in the two years it’s been posted it had a whopping nine views when I scrounged it up from the YouTube dustbin.  An excerpt from Demelle discussing the state of journalism, and the rise of bloggers:

“…with the struggling economy which is hurting newsrooms there just aren’t as many resources to devote to deep investigative journalism than there used to be, and I think that’s why you see a rise in citizen journalism, people taking it upon themselves to go and try to figure out what the facts are and to report the facts.  Also, you know, one of the things that Danny mentioned is that journalists are, you know, taught to be objective and not to have a view.  I’d just say that you’re also taught to report facts, and not lies and misdeeds….”

He may say that, and yet I get the feeling that Brendan will only part with that fake 2012 Heartland Climate Strategy memo when we pry it from his proverbial cold, dead fingers.

Here’s the whole video.  DeMelle appears at 8:00…

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