Aug 06

Physicist, Frank J. Tipler,Professor of Mathematical Physics at Tulane University, writes at Pajamas Media:

Carbon dioxide is first and foremost a plant food. In fact, plants take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and use the energy from sunlight to combine the CO2 with water to yield glucose, the simplest sugar molecule. Carbon dioxide is also the source of all organic — this word just means “contains carbon” — molecules synthesized by plants. Without carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, there would be no organic molecules synthesized by plants. The less carbon dioxide there is in the atmosphere, the fewer organic molecules synthesized by plants. All animals depend on plants to synthesize essential organic molecules. Without the organic molecules synthesized by plants, the animal world could not exist. Without plants, there would be no biosphere.

Those who want to reduce the use of fossil fuels are the mortal enemies of the biosphere. They must be stopped at all costs! Write your senator at once!

Hat tip: Climate Depot

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Jul 29

‘German carbon capture plan has ended with CO2 being pumped directly into the atmosphere’. Meantime, the biosphere burps, and says, ‘thank you’.

By Editor carbon sequestration, CO2 Comments Off on ‘German carbon capture plan has ended with CO2 being pumped directly into the atmosphere’. Meantime, the biosphere burps, and says, ‘thank you’.

Undoubtedly this will be perceived by many alarmists as a virtual climate disaster:

It was meant to be the world’s first demonstration of a technology that could help save the planet from global warming – a project intended to capture emissions from a coal-fired power station and bury them safely underground.

But the German carbon capture plan has ended with CO2 being pumped directly into the atmosphere, following local opposition at it being stored underground.

My perspective? It’s much ado about nothing. If anything, the CO2 “pumped directly in the atmosphere” will promote crop yields, and help to feed the hungry.

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Jul 24

‘…there are blessings to be found in those big honking carbon footprints.’

By Editor Cap and trade, Carbon footprint Comments Off on ‘…there are blessings to be found in those big honking carbon footprints.’

Paul A. Ibbetson writes at  RenewAmerica:

It is interesting to note that while science daily disproves the correlation between the growth of carbon emissions and increases in planet temperature, few people speak out about the undeniable correlation between the growth of our “carbon footprint” and the growth of our freedom, stability, and economic prosperity. You see, there are blessings to be found in those big honking carbon footprints. India and China see this clearly, and they have chosen prosperity over carbon credit tomfoolery. Even the little developing nations of the world, with their war, death, and famine, would like to have a shot at a little more carbon footprint growth. That is, they would like to reap the rewards, not the Hollywood hyped detriments of the industrial world. With the Obama and Gore liberals of today, it is the capitalistic smell of the carbon footprint that offends them most; and in defense of such wondrous things, I say, embrace your carbon footprint, cherish it while you have it, and remember what it has given you. In reality, it is not a burning planet but prosperity, stability, and economic growth. Not a bad smell indeed.

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Jul 10


Via @climatesceptics

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Jun 08

Roger Pielke, Jr. quoted economist William Buiter who called Waxman-Markey “a total con“. On the heels of Buiter, I present to you another economist, Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson, who shares Buiter’s sentiments:

A few days before “Earth Day” (which happens to be the same day as Lenin’s Birthday), America’s ideological greens and reds received a present they have been desiring for many moons: The Environmental Protection Agency—egged on by the U.S. Supreme Court—officially designated carbon dioxide (CO2) as a pollutant. That means that either congress or the EPA is expected to produce a plan for regulating this common gas.

So opens a new chapter in regulatory absurdity, a veritable Pandora’s Box of complications.

A generation ago, it was considered great progress against pollution when catalytic converters were added to automobile engines to change poisonous carbon monoxide to benign carbon dioxide. Now, CO2 has been demonized.

The EPA’s characterization of CO2 as a pollutant brings into question the natural order of things. By the EPA’s logic, either God or Mother Nature (whichever creator you believe in) seriously goofed. After all, CO2 is the base of our food chain. CO2 nourishes plants, plants nourish animals and humans, and plants and animals serve a variety of human needs. “Pollutants” are supposed to be harmful to life, not helpful to it, aren’t they?

Of course, it is true (although greens often ignore it when trying to ban such useful chemicals as pesticides, insecticides, Alar, PCBs, etc.) that “the dose makes the poison.” Too much oxygen, for example, poses danger to human life. So, what is the “right” concentration of CO2 in our atmosphere? There is no right answer to this question. The concentration of CO2 in earth’s atmosphere fluctuated greatly long before humans appeared on earth, and that concentration has fluctuated since then, too.

“Forget about the plants, Hendrickson,” say the greens. “What we’re trying to control is how warm the earth’s atmosphere gets.” To which I reply, “With all due respect, are you kidding me?” Continue reading »

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Jun 08

From The Oregonian:

In an age of green thinking and enhanced recycling, I feel the Big Three carmakers should dismantle and recycle all the unsold new cars with poor gas mileage.

For these new cars to be foisted on the
world’s consumers to continue the problems Detroit caused and ignored is worse than short sighted.

What an educational gesture for the industry and the world if the creators of one of our largest environmental problems could step up and truly be part of the solution.
Southeast Portland

I suppose that would seem to make sense to many alarmists, but by the same logic we should dismantle and recycle all the unsold hybrid cars that get high gas mileage. With a 45% drop in hybrid car sales, these are the cars that are truly clogging up the car dealers’ lots:

…while Toyota may be enjoying mainstream success in Japan, it is continuing to struggle in the US, where the company has been hit by the slump affecting the entire auto industry.

Despite claims that Americans turning their backs on gas-guzzlers have contributed to the present dire straits faced by GM and others, Toyota’s latest sales figures point to a stagnant market for more efficient Japanese models as well.

Sales of the Prius in the US were down from 15,011 in May 2008 to just 10,091 for the same month this year. For the year to date, sales of the Prius in the US stand at 42,753 compared to 79,675 in 2008 – a drop of more than 45 per cent.

And let’s not forget that the hybrids are making much less the positive contribution to the environment that the lower MPG automobiles do, i.e. more CO2 emissions > more plant food > expands the biosphere > increases crop yields > feeds the world.

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Jun 07

$49.95 on eBay: Personal methane collection system (captures your farts)

By Editor humor, methane, wacky solutions Comments Off on $49.95 on eBay: Personal methane collection system (captures your farts)

fcFound on eBay. Hat tip to An Honest Climate Debate via Andrew Bolt:


I was listening to the radio a few months ago, when I heard that some environmental group was calling for a $30 each, annual payment for dairy & beef cattle to offset their  METHANE EMISSIONS, (farts) !!!
When I heard this, I JUST SNAPPED !!
I had no Idea that we were in such PERIL!!
What else could I do???? I felt left out, I had to find a way to contribute !!!

This is MY contribution—–


We all hear that we are facing increased “GLOBAL WARMING”, and eventual demise of our planet. We know this because AL GORE says it is so !!
It is up to ALL OF US to try to shrink our CARBON FOOTPRINT.

What better way, than to recycle these offensive HUMAN EMISSIONS

You can imagine that it won’t be long before we are faced with a tax similar to the one for cattle.
We have an early opportunity by voluntarily recycling our own methane, and turning this thing around and GETTING PAID !!!


Whatever side of the global warming issue you are on, please do your own research. Determine for yourself what the reality is.
This item is intended to make people think about this issue !!!
The really hard part of all of this , is finding the TRUTH !!!!!

Any Questions???

Approx. 1 cubic foot capacity

This is such a versatile system!!

1 —  Can be worn during most activities (see pictures)
2 —  Show the world you are “sensitive” to the needs of the planet,
AL GORE might  approve, (if he knew about it).
3 — Give your motor vehicle a boost on long hills with optional carburetor connection kit. Available anywhere that sells it. (dream on)
4 — Great on camping trips, capable of powering your gas grill, heater, or gas lantern.
5 — Included “AFTER BURNER” accessory kit, for POWER ON THE GO!!!!
(1 can of re fried beans  & 1 can of Jalapenos)
6 — Comes with 1/4 turn shutoff valve & hose, but WILL NOT BE SHIPPED WITH METHANE COLLECTOR PROBE, as some IDIOT will try to stick this thing up their rear end, nose, ears,  or mouth. (lawyer stuff)
7 — Comes in “eco  Green”, Or “surf rider Blue”. Please specify !!
8 — Included are 3 free 1 cubic foot carbon credits. Redeemable anywhere they are accepted !!
9 — When your pack is full, shut the valve, and you may re-cycle your methane at any methane reclamation depot in exchange for more carbon credits !!


More evidence that skeptics have more fun than alarmists. By far.

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