May 31

From The Oregonian:

Though I was pleased to read your article on the destructive possibilities of wind turbines, the upshot of your report on wind energy is that paying mind to the sage grouse and following the state permitting process will lead to what will be known as the otherwise “ethical” expansion of the wind turbine industry (“Chase for wind turns to public lands,” May 24).We have set such a low standard for the technologies we strap to the earth to extract fuels to feed our collective addiction to energy. Mark my words: In 25 or 30 years we will look back on these wind turbines with as much disdain as we do dams. They are a scourge on our land.

I would like our politicians to be visionary enough to see our future regrets and help us understand how to quench our energy thirst through responsible usage rather than continuous depletion.

Southeast Portland

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