Feb 02

A Mother Nature Network blogger wonders:

The question is worth asking. You’d have to be pretty tone deaf not to realize the score to which we’ve all been dancing has hit a few sour notes of late: the failure of the Copenhagen COP-15 talks, Climategate, and last week’s State of the Union address (with its litany of nukes, coal, and offshore drilling).An unfortunate series of temporary setbacks, perhaps.

The problem with being a one-issue movement is it only takes a single game changer to bring everything to a standstill.

Do you suppose he could be referring to Climategate? 😉

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May 21

Via The Nashville Post’s Post Politics blog:

The former Veep is getting his hands dirty on the latest climate change bill before the Congress:

Over the past few days, the former vice president and environmental activist has mobilized his green grass roots, marshaled his well-endowed lobbying organization and even personally called Democratic committee members in an effort to push the bill through the House Energy and Commerce Committee and through Congress.

“I have enormous respect for Al Gore. When it comes to climate change, he’s the guru,” said Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.).

Engel said Gore called him on Saturday to try to persuade him to vote for the legislation. The two, who had never spoken privately before, had a “nice, lengthy conversation,” said the congressman.

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