Jun 18

Due to circumstances, I haven’t posted one of these for a while.  Glad to do it again though…

Lindsay Graham changes his mind about global warming science, wind farms increase CO2 emissions, hippies unwitting unleashed a molepocalypse and electric cars cannot save the planet.  It’s another busy week, handily rounded-up for you.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

The Goreacle has been in the news again this week, but mostly because of his conjugal crisis rather than any ‘climate crisis’.  It turns out that the perfect union of Tipper and Al wasn’t so perfect.  She was prone to ‘jealous rages‘ and he was prone to porking the producer of An Inconvenient Truth.  All of this is personal tragedy, nothing to do with global warming.  Except that by divorcing Al and Tipper will double their carbon footprint.  Some people stay together for the kids… can’t the Gore’s do it for Gaia?

It would be easy to point a finger and call Al a hypocrite, but that’s become his standard modus operandi.  Without any trace of irony, the man who routinely excludes the press from his events chastised the media for ‘censoring’ news from the Gulf.

Al celebrated the swing in public support against offshore drilling and brags that it is the end of ‘drill baby drill’.  One question, America still needs the oil, none of the alternative energies are anywhere near efficient or reliable enough… so where will the oil come from.  My guess, the law of unintended consequences will see a rush back to drilling, but on land where the risks are much reduced and costs lowered.  ANWR, anyone?

Hide the decline!  The number of Climate project presentations slumps dramatically in only a year. Oddly, one lucky Welsh student will be indoctrinated trained by Al.  Assuming the student wants to go home once his time with manbearpig is over, Gaia will be 1.5 tonnes of CO2 richer.

Well, that’s only Part 1. You’ve still got four more parts to go, including the weekly Global Hottie. She’s waiting for you at The Daily Bayonet!

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