Jun 01

Thomas Richard at Climate Change Fraud writes:

The excerpted article below, Hurricane barriers floated to keep sea out of NYC, written by Jennifer Peltz of the Associated Press, is a tutorial on how to create a groundless, baseless, fear-mongering hit piece. First, you begin with a frightening opening paragraph just in case the reader wasn’t paying attention to the headline:

When experts sketch out nightmare hurricane scenarios, a New York strike tends to be high on the list. Besides shaking skyscrapers, a major hurricane could send the Atlantic Ocean surging into the nation’s largest city, flooding Wall Street, subways and densely packed neighborhoods.

Continue with a possible, though improbable, solution as ridiculous and embarrassing as the subject itself:

As a new hurricane season starts Monday, some scientists and engineers are floating an ambitious solution: Barriers to choke off the surging sea and protect flood-prone areas. The plan involves deploying giant barriers and gates that would move into place — in some cases rising out of the water — for storms. One proposal calls for a 5-mile-long barrier between New Jersey and Queens.

Glob on some more alarm and what-if scenarios:

New Yorkers are “living under the volcano, and people haven’t thought about it,” says Douglas Hill, an engineer who began discussing the idea several years ago with Stony Brook University oceanography professor Malcolm J. Bowman.

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