Jul 01

From the (SF Bay area) Hayward Daily Review:

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, along comes Washington with “cap and trade.” Led by that giant of science, Nancy Pelosi, Congress has just passed a bill that may change our economic downturn into another depression. Not only that, it will have no measurable effect on climate. These people could make shooting yourself in the foot look like a stroke of genius.

With respect to global warming, the planet has not warmed significantly in the past 10 years, and has cooled in the past two. With respect to carbon dioxide, the U.N. manipulated the mathematical models to exaggerate the role of carbon dioxide. In truth, it is minute. This whole thing is a scam. Ever since Al Gore has been channeling “Chicken Little,” his bank account has swollen. The Democrats want in on the gravy train, at our expense.

It is worth noting that cap and trade has been in effect in Europe for a couple of years and is having many deleterious economic consequences, while producing no measurable benefit to the environment. When your heating bills double and when unemployment hits 15 percent, I hope you remember to thank the Democrats.

Jay Palmer
San Leandro

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Jun 28

Straight from Planet Moron:

An ongoing series dedicated to vigorously monitoring emerging threats to The Consensus that global warming is real, caused by humans, and must be addressed at all costs. Because without consensus, scientific conclusions would remain vulnerable to new data.

Last night, the House passed the American Clean Energy Security (ACES) Act, a sweeping piece of climate legislation that will result in dramatically rising costs, increased joblessness, and a massive expansion of government control over our daily lives.

However, that’s the price we’re just going to have to pay if we want to get serious about global warming and believe that it is our moral obligation to reduce temperatures nine hundredths of one degree Fahrenheit.

That’s two years worth of warming!

Think of it.  Because of this bill, our children, and their children’s children, will be enjoying the cool sweet temperatures of 2048 even when it’s actually 2050!

It’s almost like they built a fantastical time machine.  Or, as Congressman G.K. Butterfield put it, the ACES act:

“…literally will save the planet.”

Given its importance, you probably feel badly that you didn’t take the time to carefully read the ACES act.

That’s okay.  No one did.

Also, it technically doesn’t exist.

But there’s a reason for that.  Did you ever read the ingredient label on pasteurized processed cheese product?

And did you still eat it?

That is why such things really are best left to the experts.  Well, not all the experts.  Some experts disagree with The Consensus, which makes no sense at all since there wouldn’t be a consensus if everyone didn’t agree.

That is why such disagreement must be carefully suppressed.

In fact, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that in order to pass the legislation, representatives had to bear up under overwhelming opposition from “entrenched agents of the status quo,” also known as “the constituents they represent” who rather like the entrenched status quo of having a job.

Don’t these people know Al Gore won a Tony.  Or something.

What can you do to help ensure that The Consensus remains unchallenged?

The next time someone mentions that they seem to recall reading somewhere that there is widespread and growing dissent among credible scientists regarding The Consensus and they are thinking of maybe looking into the matter with their congressman, take them aside and point out that there is overwhelming evidence that Michael Jackson just died. Madonna can’t stop crying! Justin Timberlake blogged about it! You can listen to the 911 call!

With any luck an attractive upper-class white woman will go missing when the Senate takes it up.


Inappropriate Don’t forget, Consensus Watch gear will make you a pariah among your peers faster than a Sanford/Palin 2012 bumper sticker on a Hummer! We have an extensive line of “Stop raping the planet! You may, however, touch it inappropriately,” gear (coffee cup, bags, coasters, stickers, buttons), and the classic Consensus Watch coffee mug: “Consensus Watch Because without consensus, scientific conclusions would remain vulnerable to new data.

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Jun 26

“Important bipartisan victory for the American people?” Or for “toxic” Al’s bank account? Of course, “important” doesn’t necessarily mean good. I’ve had many important things happen in my life that were definitely not good.

Earth Times reports:

NASHVILLE, Tenn., June 26 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the Leadership of the House, and Chairmen Waxman and Markey have, through their leadership, secured an important bipartisan victory for the American people.

The American Clean Energy Security (ACES) Act is one of the most important pieces of legislation Congress will ever pass. This comprehensive legislation will make meaningful reductions in global warming pollution, spur investment in clean energy technology, create jobs and reduce our reliance on foreign oil.

The next step is passage of this legislation by the Senate to help restore America’s leadership in the world and begin, at long last, to put in place a truly global solution to the climate crisis.

We are at an extraordinary moment, with an historic opportunity to confront one of the world’s most serious challenges. Our actions now will be remembered by this generation and all those to follow — in our own nation and others around the world.

About the Alliance for Climate Protection:

The Alliance for Climate Protection is educating the American people through scientific facts of the importance and urgency of adopting and implementing effective and comprehensive solutions to the climate crisis.

SOURCE Alliance for Climate Protection

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Jun 24

The Wall Street Journal editorial board:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has put cap-and-trade legislation on a forced march through the House, and the bill may get a full vote as early as Friday. It looks as if the Democrats will have to destroy the discipline of economics to get it done.

Despite House Energy and Commerce Chairman Henry Waxman’s many payoffs to Members, rural and Blue Dog Democrats remain wary of voting for a bill that will impose crushing costs on their home-district businesses and consumers. The leadership’s solution to this problem is to simply claim the bill defies the laws of economics.

The hit to GDP is the real threat in this bill. The whole point of cap and trade is to hike the price of electricity and gas so that Americans will use less. These higher prices will show up not just in electricity bills or at the gas station but in every manufactured good, from food to cars. Consumers will cut back on spending, which in turn will cut back on production, which results in fewer jobs created or higher unemployment. Some companies will instead move their operations overseas, with the same result.

Even as Democrats have promised that this cap-and-trade legislation won’t pinch wallets, behind the scenes they’ve acknowledged the energy price tsunami that is coming. During the brief few days in which the bill was debated in the House Energy Committee, Republicans offered three amendments: one to suspend the program if gas hit $5 a gallon; one to suspend the program if electricity prices rose 10% over 2009; and one to suspend the program if unemployment rates hit 15%. Democrats defeated all of them.

The reality is that cost estimates for climate legislation are as unreliable as the models predicting climate change. What comes out of the computer is a function of what politicians type in. A better indicator might be what other countries are already experiencing. Britain’s Taxpayer Alliance estimates the average family there is paying nearly $1,300 a year in green taxes for carbon-cutting programs in effect only a few years.

Americans should know that those Members who vote for this climate bill are voting for what is likely to be the biggest tax in American history. Even Democrats can’t repeal that reality.

Read it all at The Wall Street Journal.

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May 28

Isn’t this exactly what we were afraid of? Not much need for commentary here, as the quote speaks volumes for itself.

AP has the story:

BEIJING (AP) — U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged Beijing on Thursday to cooperate on climate change, calling a safe environment a basic human right.

Speaking at Beijing’s elite Tsinghua University, Pelosi continued the theme of her five-day China trip — that combating global warming represented a new challenge that both governments must tackle jointly.

“We are all in this together,” Pelosi told an audience of about 200 students and faculty who applauded enthusiastically throughout the 45-minute session. “The impact of climate change is a tremendous risk to the security and well-being of our countries.”

“I do see this opportunity for climate change to be … a game-changer,” she said at Tsinghua. “It’s a place where human rights — looking out for the needs of the poor in terms of climate change and healthy environment — are a human right.”

To achieve this, Pelosi said governments would have to make decisions and choices based on science.

“They also have to do it with openness, transparency and accountability to the people,” she said. “Everyone has to have their situation improved by it.”

In answering a question from a student about how Pelosi was going to get Americans to cut back on their carbon emissions, the leading Democratic lawmaker said it was important to educate children on how to conserve energy and for citizens to build more environmentally friendly homes.

“We have so much room for improvement,” she said. “Every aspect of our lives must be subjected to an inventory … of how we are taking responsibility.”

Hat tip: Drudge

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