May 28

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Via Victoria Taft, the Oregon Legislature is introducing a bill to be approved by the voters that would allow the Legislature to “impose taxes on the release of carbon into the air or water or onto land“:

RED ALERT!! Oregon Democrats Toss in a Carbon Tax at the Last Minute With Hearing Slated for 8am TOMORROW

This is a Joint Resolution which would result in this going to the voters. Let’s kill it NOW while it’s in committee.
This from Todd Wynn at Cascade Policy:

This bill could amend the Oregon Constitution to allow the legislature to impose taxes on carbon emissions and then put the revenues raised into alternative energy or other ‘systems or programs’ that result in a reduction of carbon emissions.

Information on the hearing/bill:

House Joint Resolution 48

Committee on Revenue

Tomorrow(Friday at 8 am, hearing room A)

Link to the bill:

If the Oregon Dems are successful, I believe this would be the first carbon tax put up to the voters in the US.

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