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James Hrynyshyn reports for Seed:

Polling data leading up to last week’s summit of The Climate Project wasn’t exactly inspiring. The widely respected Pew Forum says the share of Americans who believe the Earth is warming is stuck at less than 50 percent, while Rasmussen Reports—often accused of Republican bias—shows that the number has fallen to 34 percent. Both polls have proven track records from the 2008 Presidential election.

As one of some 2,500 volunteers trained by former vice president Al Gore to present his Inconvenient Truth slideshow, I was discouraged to learn more than half of all Americans still deny the science that links human activities to global warming….While the polls suggested failure, the mood at the summit—a reunion of 600 global warming foot soldiers in Nashville, TN, from May 14 through 16, 2009—was positively celebratory.

On the other hand, I spent much of the three-day gathering trying to reconcile these frustrating results with the self-congratulatory tone that filled Hutton Hotel’s sixth floor.  Gore invited a number of global authorities on climate change to reinforce his message that we were responsible for the Congressional committee working on a bill at that very moment that would cap greenhouse gas emissions. “It seems incredible that we could change enough minds and put it on the agenda,” Gore told us. “It was really was An Inconvenient Truth that galvanized everything,” insisted Canada’s arch-environmentalist, David Suzuki. Rajendra Pachauri, chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, declared us “missionaries,” who, “Collectively and individually can bring about change.”

These messages were well-received in a room filled with activists wearing T-shirts bearing slogans like, “My carbon footprint is smaller than yours,” who all signed a contract vowing to give no-admission slideshows in return for nothing more than a lapel pin. There were those that drove and flew long distances—from as far as Nigeria and Macedonia—to hear our heroes remind us that what we’re doing is important.

They are only now agreeing to give no-admission slideshows?  Were they oxymoronic paid volunteers before?

…Is there any evidence the Climate Project is actually changing minds?

I managed to put that question to Gore himself, in the buffet line. “There are a lot of polls out there that do show progress,” he said, seeming a little surprised to be on the defensive by one of his own supporters. I asked if he could be more specific, and he replied without skipping a beat, “Mark Mellman just wrote something, I think”….

Of, course Gore was “surprised to be on the defensive by one of his own supporters”.  He goes through his life surrounded by a protective cocoon of “yes men” that don’t dare confront The Goracle with thorny questions.

Gore might have told me that my fixation with polls misses the point as changing public opinion is no longer the prime directive of The Climate Project. As part of the project’s “Phase Two” stage, as it’s officially called, we were later informed of a new mission: to write letters to editors, organize phone banks, and to do whatever it takes to convince Congress to support the Waxman-Markey bill.

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Apr 20

GORE LIED has fired up our staff computer modeling contraption, input the latest Rasmussen Reports data on the public’s belief in man-made global warming, and has produced a computer model which is showing the imminent demise of any belief in man-made global warming.

Rasmussen Reports has reported that the public’s belief in man-made global warming has decreased from 47% to 34% in just one year.

The GORE LIED computer model below shows  that at the current rate of loss of belief in man-made global warming that such belief will be virtually non-existent by 2020 (with the exception of Al Gore, James Hansen, Michael Mann, Joe Romm, and a few other assorted dead-enders).

Also, evidence of a positive feedback trend has caused many experts to believe that the actual rate of loss of belief in man-made global warming is happening even faster than this model is predicting, and that the world may be completely free of belief in man-made global warming by as early as 2015.

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