Apr 13

On MSNBC’s Ed Shultz Show, New Yorker magazine’s senior editor Hendrik Hertzberg, remarking on his article (Mr. Justice Gore) he wrote for his magazine, argues that Al Gore, nor anyone else, really needs any legal experience to become a Supreme Court Justice.  Hertzberg:

“Well I think the fact that he’s not an attorney is actually one of the arguments for him. There’s no requirement in the Constitution that a Supreme Court justice has to be an attorney, and the kind of issues the Supreme Court deals with are not the little technical, this, little technical problems of the law or, or the interpretation of particular statutes, it’s these much broader questions about the Constitution.”

Hey, if Al Gore doesn’t need to be a scientist to travel the world in a private jet assuring us that “the science is settled”, why in hell would anyone think he’d actually need to be an attorney or a judge to sit on the Supreme Court.

For that matter, why does Al Gore need any real credentials to do anything? He was the Vice President of the United States for chrissakes! He should be able to do anything he damn well pleases! Need a triple bypass? Al Gore will gladly handle that for you.

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