Jun 09

Let’s say a hypothetical person was concerned that a hypothetical rise in the earth’s temperature was causing melting glaciers, rising sea levels, stronger hurricanes, as well as killing the polar bears and penguins, etc.  Now a question: If that same hypothetical person were said to be “rooting” for either global warming or global cooling, would it not seem obvious that that person would be rooting for global cooling?  But, of course.  Not so.

The blog Energywise reports on the Society of Environmental Journalists annual conference held in Roanoke, Virginia:

Will the industry ever make coal mining socially and environmentally sustainable? Appalachian activists who have fought ‘Big Coal’ for decades doubt it. For one thing, the coal companies enjoy undivided support from state legislators and governors in coal states. That’s why West Virginia author and political activist Denise Giardina told the SEJ conference attendees that she was “rooting for global warming” to stop coal. “I think it will force us to change,” said Giardina, who made it clear that IGCC power plants sequestering CO2 weren’t the kind of change she had in mind.

The alarmists are always telling us that they don’t really want to take away our individual liberties, create a massive federal government, tell us what kind of energy to consume, what kind of cars to drive, or tax us into the stone age to solve global warming climate change climate crisis our deteriorating atmosphere, but Giardina just validates all of our skeptical fears by her statement.

Denise Giardina is hardly the first alarmist to “root for global warming”. We pointed out this blogger last year who was doing the same.

For the record, GORE LIED isn’t rooting for any kind of weather. The weather? Que sera, sera.

But, here’s what I do root for.

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