Jul 13

Solar panel manufacturer SolarWorld has cleverly turned Sarah Palin’s famous “Drill, baby, drill!” on it’s head with a “Shine, baby, shine” campaign to sell the company’s solar panels, and has hired actor Larry Hagman (formerly oil tycoon JR Ewing on TV’s Dallas many years ago).

The Oregonian reports:

Actor Larry Hagman was all about petroleum when he played oil magnate J.R. Ewing in television’s longrunning “Dallas” series.

These days, he’s pitching solar energy with a new slogan — “Shine, baby, shine,” — soon to air on a television near you.

Hagman is the face of a new ad campaign for SolarWorld, the German company making solar cells in Hillsboro. He admits the slogan is a jab at Sarah Palin‘s “Drill, baby, drill,” refrain during the 2008 presidential campaign.

So, while SolarWorld has hire Hagman to promote the (pardon the pun) sunny phrase “Shine, baby, shine”, Hagman has a private (again, pardon the pun) darker message to accompany the clever cuteness of his company’s new slogan that is more like “Scare, baby, scare”:

“‘Shine, baby, shine’ is an inexhaustible source of energy,” said Hagman, who plans to address the Intersolar trade show today in San Francisco. “When affordable oil gives out, we’re in real trouble — I mean the collapse of civilization, within 15 to 20 years.”

Pathetic.  These people just cannot resist the urge to resort to alarmism to achieve their profits and political power.

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Aug 25

From The Wall Street Journal:

It is is nauseating, not instructive, to celebrate the wealthy individuals who can afford to take advantage of subsidies provided by the rest of us, to build exceedingly expensive “high-efficiency” homes (“The Homely Costs of Energy Conservation,” Currents, Aug. 7).

Energy-saving multipane windows, insulation and appliances have been available for decades but are beyond most people’s means. Meanwhile, solar panels don’t grow on trees; plus, they are very inefficient and their production requires large amounts of energy.

If the wealthy and green-conscious really want to improve efficiency, they would be smarter to promote nuclear power instead. This form of energy inexpensively generates power for domestic and industrial demand, a fundamental component of all manufacturing and of our ability to compete in the global marketplace.

Only nuclear power has the potential to make battery-powered cars practical and at least somewhat “clean.”

Kent Brady

Woodland Park, Colo.

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