Aug 25

From The Wall Street Journal:

It is is nauseating, not instructive, to celebrate the wealthy individuals who can afford to take advantage of subsidies provided by the rest of us, to build exceedingly expensive “high-efficiency” homes (“The Homely Costs of Energy Conservation,” Currents, Aug. 7).

Energy-saving multipane windows, insulation and appliances have been available for decades but are beyond most people’s means. Meanwhile, solar panels don’t grow on trees; plus, they are very inefficient and their production requires large amounts of energy.

If the wealthy and green-conscious really want to improve efficiency, they would be smarter to promote nuclear power instead. This form of energy inexpensively generates power for domestic and industrial demand, a fundamental component of all manufacturing and of our ability to compete in the global marketplace.

Only nuclear power has the potential to make battery-powered cars practical and at least somewhat “clean.”

Kent Brady

Woodland Park, Colo.

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