Jun 16

As we posted earlier today, the Tennessee Senate rejected a proposal to erect statues to honor two of the state’s Nobel Peace Prize winners, Al Gore and Cordell Hull.

The AP story has been updated to include spin blaming the Senate Republican’s “extremist, partisan dislike” of Al Gore for the failure of the proposal, and of course the AP couldn’t resist the urge to promote Hull to victim status:

“I’m embarrassed for our state that we have decided not to honor two individuals who won just about the most prestigious prize in the world because of extremist, partisan dislike of one person,” said [Democratic Sen. Andy] Berke.

But, many of the opponents said logically that statues should only be for people that have assumed room temperature:

Several opponents said they voted against the measure because it breaks with the current practice of only honoring people once they have died.

Other opponents said that they opposed the proposal because it wasn’t all-inclusive:

Sen. Jim Tracy, R-Shelbyville, said he opposed the measure because it would have excluded Nobel laureates in other fields, like Murfreesboro native James M. Buchanan Jr. who won the award for economics in 1986.

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